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Cardboard and Creativity

Textiles and Needle Crafts

Textiles have been a fundamental part of human life since the beginning of civilization. Cultures create textiles with both a functional and historical purpose – stories and myths were often woven directly into the piece. This workshop explores the impact and enduring appeal of textile arts through the ages.


From the earliest days of civilization, humans have expressed themselves through art. From simple sketches to paint on canvas to etchings, carvings, lasers, sculptures, and computer-generated digital images, we continue to find new ways to share emotions and visions. What makes visual art so compelling? This workshop explores the impact and enduring appeal of visual arts through the ages.

Music and Song Lyrics

Music moves us – literally and figuratively. But what makes music so compelling? Why do we respond so viscerally to the sounds and rhythms of song? This workshop explores the impact of music and how it has both shaped and been shaped by humanity.

Storytelling and Language Arts

Storytelling may be the world’s oldest art form. Tales shared around the campfire  brought people together and recorded history for generations. What makes storytelling different than written accounts? Why does the medium endure today in spite of technology making it unnecessary? This workshop explores the rich heritage of storytelling.

Dexterity and Spatial Awareness

Beginner Board Game Design and Development