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Humanities and Hobbies

History: The Renaissance

The Renaissance marked Europe’s cultural and scientific re-awakening after the darkness of the Medieval Era. Artists, musicians, and writers captured the period’s vibrant colors, lust for life, and thirst for exploration of both the physical and intellectual world. This workshop explores what made this era an important cultural turning point.

History: Medieval

The Medieval Era is best known for war, chivalry, religion, and superstition – but it also gave us marvels like Notre Dame, the concept of a medical school, and the precursor to modern military troop divisions. In reality, the Middle Ages is a study in contrasts that teaches us more about our world today than most people realize. This course explores those contrasts and that fascinating time.

History: Victorian Era

The Victorian Era is exemplified by the need for humankind to define its place in the world – both literally and figuratively. This course explores that search as it is expressed in the art and literature of the time.

Archaeology: Dinosaurs

Dinsoaurs have captured human imagination since time immemorial – their skeletons and fossils sources for myths, legends, and inquiry. This course looks at our fascination with these mighty creatures and looks at how our understanding of them has changed over time.

Politics: Elections

Elections and voting are two of the most important but least understood facets of American citizenship. This course seeks to demystify the democratic process and help participants understand that their vote really does count.

The Law: Criminal Investigation

Society is built on the idea that living in a community makes you safer. As long as society has existed, we have sought to find and stop those who call that premise into question. This course is a tour of the history of modern criminal investigation.