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About Us

TableTop Game & Hobby has been a staple of the gaming community since 1993.
Carboard Corner is a vibrant young entertainment business focused on merging games with food, drinks, and events.

Together, we boast more than 60 years of gaming experience.

Story & Strategy combines the best part of both companies – The Community – and strengthens it with workshops and game days promoting education, creativity, and literacy.

Our Mission

Story & Strategy nurtures the gaming community through programs covering a wide variety of education and training topics, including
communication, team-building, time management, and literacy.

We believe that everyone can – and should – be a gamer, as the hobby promotes healthy social engagement, collaboration, and knowledge. Our team is made up of game enthusiasts and educators with over 60 years of game playing experience, decades of educational program development, public speaking, performance, marketing, design, and writing.

We look forward to joining and growing your gaming community!

How does gaming promote literacy and creative thinking?

Tabletop gaming has seen an explosion in popularity in the last decade. Board games, RPGs (roleplaying games), card games, and strategic miniature games have all flourished in our modern “Nerdaissance.” These games are fun – but more than just entertainment both feeds and flows from the hobby. Tabletop games present challenges that players must overcome either individually or collectively – both from of the intricacy and parameters of the games themselves, and from interactions with other people, striving for the same or opposing goals and objectives.

Games connect you with other places and times, both real and fantastic, and immerse you in worlds in more inter- active ways than movies, tv, or even books. The very best games use mechanics and materials to engage you with the world and time in which they are set, showing you its colors, textures,language, conceits,  and creations. They also put reading and research into a relevant and accessible context that both intrigues and inspires. In short, games promote literacy – written and cultural – by inviting players to live in them, a few hours at a time.

Why include gaming in your programs and teaching?

Board games have been with mankind a long time, as diversions, demonstrations,  and teaching tools. Today, we know that games provide fantastic opportunities to connect learners with a wide variety of concepts. They allow students to test out and explore ideas in a safe and fun environment where victory and defeat – whether competitive or cooperative – reveal their consequences in a low-stakes environment. Games encourage players to think creatively. Open-world games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, promote risk-taking and trying almost anything. Traditional board games, miniatures games, and card games, provide more structure, but no less impetus for creativity as they require players to think creatively to solve problems within the strictures of the game. But beyond the games themselves, the gaming hobby also teaches students and players to relate to and appreciate each other. Whether players work together against the environment or a common foe or against each other, they must pay attention to the skills, tools, and resources each other player (and in some cases the Game Master) possesses in order to make good decisions. When players invest in the game, they invest in the material. They feel more connected to the subject being studied, and have a deeper understanding of it. Most importantly, they discover they care about it.

Program Offerings

Boards and Books

Humanities and Hobbies

STEM and Strategy

Cardboard and Creativity

Wonder to

Professional Development

Custom Program Design

The workshops listed in this brochure represent a portion of our course library. If you don’t see what you’re looking for – just ask! We have developed several other programs on everything from Harry Potter to Bronze Age Anthropology. If we haven’t yet created a workshop on the subject you’re looking for, we can also create
custom programs and events. In addition, most of our workshops can be tailored to specific audiences, settings, and age groups, and we can shift the balance easily between games and instruction. We also offer corporate and professional training programs, including titles on team building, business writing, leadership, time management, and creative thinking and problem solving.

Work With Us

Our courses are created by instructional designers with more than twenty years of secondary, post-secondary, and adult education and training experience. Our instructors are assigned to deliver programs based on their level of expertise both as presenters and in the relevant subject areas. But more important than all of that, every developer, designer, presenter, and game master on our team LOVES what they do. Story and Strategy is passionate about gaming and creative expression, and we are committed to sharing that love with as many people as we can – locally and beyond. Story and Strategy wants to be your partner for education. We believe in our mission, and in yours. Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you and your constituents achieve your learning goals.

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